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We offer the following comprehensive services.

As is typical with many travel medicine clinics, we do not file health insurance directly. We can provide a reimbursement document with appropriate billing codes for you to file on your behalf. Our charge sheet and reimbursement document is located here.

In-person or virtual. Customized consultation encompassing a variety of topics based on factors such as your travel itinerary, dates of travel, and purpose of travel.

Once you return, diagnostic evaluation and treatment initiation of medical complaints arising from travel, including referrals to specialists.

Comprehensive medical evaluations for long-term assignments, such as with the Peace Corps.

Prescriptions for important medications for travel, including antimalarials, antibiotics, altitude sickness, and anti-nausea/anti-vomiting medications.

CFP Travel Medicine can provide travel health services for large groups, such as school-based trips

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