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Health Consultation

What Is The Consultation?

This is an opportunity for our travel medicine providers to share with you detailed information about your travel and answer your questions, taking into consideration your:

  • itinerary (trip duration, destinations, activities, etc.)

  • risk tolerance 

  • medical history, vaccine history, and medications

Many travelers may not be aware of certain precautions and risks at the destination, so we can help fill that knowledge gap.

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What's Included

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Typical information reviewed in the pre-travel consultation includes:

  • traveler's medical conditions and medications will be reviewed and health issues will be addressed in relation to the travel destination and potential risks and concerns

  • insect precautions

  • food and water safety

  • rabies

  • altitude health

  • other concerns/risks

  • prescriptions for important medications, such as for malaria or an antibiotic for traveler's diarrhea

Why Is This Important?

Some may think a pre-travel consultation is unnecessary and that one can gain this information online through various resources.


While it is true that there are resources online which provide country-specific travel information (see our Links page for examples), we can clarify potentially overwhelming and confusing information and construct a clear, understandable plan that works for you.


Whether you've done your research or know nothing about your destination, the pre-travel consult provided by our trained staff is a vital part of our travel medicine services. 

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